Top 5 CES tools and resources, as chosen by you

At CES, we believe in sharing tools and learning from the work that we do. Here, we have looked at the data to see what news, tools and resources you found most useful from the past year.

1. Hexagon Tool

One of the key areas of our work is in implementation support. We work with government departments, foundations and agencies to support the implementation of programmes, projects and services. One of the most popular tools on our website is the Hexagon tool, which can be used as a planning tool during the exploration stage of implementation. Check out the Hexagon tool as well as four other interactive implementation tools here.

2. New Child, Youth and Family Database for practitioners and researchers

In June 2021, we launched a new database for practitioners and researchers, which allows you to search for measurement tools that have been used in large scale research projects in Ireland and Northern Ireland. These include the evaluation of prevention and early intervention services, Growing Up in Ireland, and the national evaluation of the Area Based Childhood Programme. Take a look.

3. The CES Guide to: Realist Evaluations

In 2021 we launched a series of CES Guides which aim to explain some of the approaches and processes we use for the work that we do with service providers and government departments. The first of this series looked at Realist Evaluations, including key concepts, what’s involved, and useful tips on carrying out a realist evaluation. Read more.

4. The CES Guide to: Implementation Teams

Another popular CES Guide from the past 12 months looked at implementation teams. Here we provide three key questions to help you build a great implementation team, and top tips for effective implementation team working. Find out more.

5. The Reaching Out, Supporting Families Programme

The past 12 months was a busy time for The National Lottery Community Fund Reaching Out, Supporting Families Programme. CES provided evaluation and implementation support to the Programme, and captured learning from over five years of working with community organisations in Northern Ireland. Learn more.

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