About CES

At CES we believe that Ireland and Northern Ireland should and can have excellent public services and we want to play our part in making that a reality.

Vision and Purpose

We are committed to our purpose, that is, to improve the lives of people on the island of Ireland by supporting the implementation of excellent public services through evidence-informed policy and practice.
Our vision in CES is to be a trusted partner in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of public policies and servies.

About CES

CES is a unique all-island organisation.

CES was established in 2008 to enable good quality research and evidence among policy makers and practitioners across Ireland and Northern Ireland, while also working to provide that evidence. An early focus on children and young people is still core to our work. We now work with an increasing number of government departments, statutory agencies, community and voluntary providers and international organisations. CES has expanded its reach in health, social care, housing, justice, and education.

What we do

CES supports service providers and policy makers in delivering improved outcomes and value for people living in our communities. Our experts can support with research and evaluation, implementation, programme and change management, policy development and facilitation and problem-solving.

We add value and provide opportunities for partners through our local and global connections, perspectives, development and funding opportunities, including within the European Union. Our focus is on understanding the common experiences and needs of people to better evidence, design and deliver improved services.

How we work

Everything we do connects to making people’s lives better 
We contribute to the field, by organising networks, sharing our work and resources widely for others to use. We want our work to advance social change. 

Evidence belongs at the heart of decision making 
We believe that evidence takes many forms, including the experiences of citizens using services, the wisdom of people working on the frontline, good quality data and the learning emerging from research. 

People deserve excellent public services 
We are committed to working with organisations, agencies and departments in the sectors of health, education and other services so that they can provide social/human services at the standard the public deserves. 

People’s context shapes our work 
Our work is grounded in the voice and experience of citizens. We work withothers to develop the skills, capacity and behaviours needed to sustainchange and make an impact. 

We will learn and experiment together 
We are always learning and testing new ways of thinking; with an eye for practical solutions fit for the real world and ways of working that last. 

Diversity of thought and experience fuels new ideas 
We seek out best practices at home and internationally. We are an allisland organisation and are committed to sharing learning across Irelandand Northern Ireland.

Our values

Our strategy

Our latest strategy ‘Partnerships, Profile, People’ sets out our ambitions to grow our relationships with governments and their agencies in Ireland and Northern Ireland. We also plan to work more closely with the Community, Voluntary and Social Enterprise sector and enable the voice of people and communities to be heard in the work that we do.

We want to build visibility of our organisation and expand our work with Northern Ireland, Ireland and Europe, by evolving our service offer and enhancing quality. We will use best practice to improve our work, including using new digital technologies and new learning and techniques, and demonstrate our impact.  

We want to attract, retain and reward our team, strengthen our diversity, equity and inclusion and operate in an environmentally and financially sustainable way.
CES Strategy 2022-2026

CES Strategy 2022-2026

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