CES Complaints Policy


At CES we are committed to ensuring that our work is of the highest possible standard. It is the policy of CES to respond to all complaints in a timely, fair, and sensitive manner. The Complaints Policy is not designed to apportion blame, but to learn, respond, and improve our services.  

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that CES:

  • Offers a clear and easy-to-use complaints procedure
  • Treats as complaint any clear expression of dissatisfaction with our work that calls for a response
  • Treats complaints seriously and fairly
  • Responds to complaints quickly and politely
  • Learns from complaints and uses them to adapt and improve our services
  • Monitors complaints at Executive and Board levels.

This policy applies to all CES employees, Associates, Board members, and others who provide services on the organisation’s behalf. It is for use by any partner, contracting organisation, or member of the public that has used or sought to use any of CES’ services.


To file a complaint about any aspect of CES’ work, please email feedback@effectiveservices.org or write to:

Corporate Services Manager

Centre for Effective Services

27 Fitzwilliam Street Upper

Dublin 2

In your correspondence please provide as much information as possible and let us know how you would like us to contact you in response. Your complaint will be dealt with by our CEO or other staff member of sufficient seniority. All complaints will be treated as confidential and information will only be passed to others on a strictly need-to-know basis.

Complaints correspondence will be acknowledged within one week, and we will do our utmost to resolve it within four weeks. If this timeframe is not possible, we will explain why and provide a new deadline for resolution.

All complaints will be logged in our ‘complaints register’ and tracked until they are resolved. The complaints register is then reviewed by our board on an annual basis.

Unresolved Complaints

If you believe a complaint remains unresolved after our response, you may appeal to CES’ Chairperson. The Chairperson will ensure your appeal is considered at Board level and will respond within two weeks of the discussion by Board members.

We hope that complaints will be addressed directly to CES as outlined above in the first instance. However, at any stage complaints can be lodged with the Charities Regulator through their online concerns form.