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Child, Youth and Family Database for practitioners and researchers

CES has published the Child, Youth and Family Database, which provides information about standardised measurement tools that have been used in Irish research and evaluation with children, young people and their families. There are currently over 100 measures described within the database which have been used in assessment, research and evaluation activities focused on child and youth behaviour, social and emotional development, parenting, physical development and more.

Some of these measures are widely used, and some are lesser known and may provide an interesting alternative to the usual ‘go to’ measures. Tools included within the database have been used in large scale research projects in Ireland and Northern Ireland, including the evaluation of prevention and early intervention services, Growing Up in Ireland, and the national evaluation of the Area Based Childhood Programme.

Who is it aimed at?

The Child Youth and Family Database will be of interest to practitioners in social and health services (including nurses, teachers and youth workers), research professionals (e.g., academic and freelance social and health researchers), organisations conducting monitoring or evaluation, and commissioners of research and evaluation. The database will also assist those looking for comparable research data in the Irish data archives.

Access the database here.

The following video provides a quick ‘how to’ guide to using the Child Youth and Family Database.