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CES is part of a growing community around the world interested in implementation and implementation science. We are committed to developing, sharing and showcasing resources which support implementation in policy and practice.

Public service reform and innovation

We work with a growing range of government departments and agencies, supporting them to design, implement and evaluate new and innovative approaches to complex social challenges. We have co-produced and published a range of tools and resources to support public service reform and innovation in different settings and sectors.

Prevention and Early Intervention in Ireland and Northern Ireland

A significant investment by The Atlantic Philanthropies and government from 2004 to 2016 generated evidence, data and learning from services about improving outcomes for children and young people in Ireland and Northern Ireland.  One of our very first projects was to summarise and synthesise learning from this investment, and to communicate it to policy makers and service commissioners. We carried out this work in two phases of products - Capturing the Learning, and On the Right Track