What Now? A Report from the Reaching Out Supporting Families Programme

We worked with 36 projects over 5 years with the aim of helping families in Northern Ireland improve their children’s lives. What happens now?

In September 2021 we held a conference to share the learning from The National Lottery Community Fund sponsored ‘Reaching Out Supporting Families Programme’ in Northern Ireland. Over 200 people joined us to hear more about the challenges and successes of the programme, to hear from the families affected, from the projects involved, from funders and from government representatives.

So, what now?

During the conference, we asked participants to respond to the evidence and key messages presented in the first Learning Paper from the Programme. In essence, we asked, “So What?”

This paper provides an outline of the learning, CES’s response to the learning and the feedback from conference participants to these questions. It also reflects back to the reader on what you can do next.

Read the report below.

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