Partnering with the HSE to support planning and implementing essential services

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Over the last few years, CES has been working with the Health Service Executive (HSE) across a number of crucial projects delivering outcomes for people in Ireland. Alongside the Community Operations Improvement Programme (COIP) team, we worked to support the Covid responses from the testing system to the vaccination programme. In 2022, work commenced on several new projects, including Long Covid, and providing support to the Health Dialogue Forum.

And we continued to work to support planning and implementation for ‘Sharing the Vision,’ Ireland’s mental health strategy.

The HSE also commissioned CES to conduct the following:

  • A final third phase evaluation of learning sites in Community Healthcare Networks. This aimed to assess how implementation of the networks achieves the goal of supporting greater coordination and integration of services in local communities.
  • An evaluation of the Implementation of the Draft Autism Assessment and Pathways Protocol in four test sites. This work will contribute to the important ongoing efforts to improve Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) services in Ireland.
  • Facilitation and support to HSE Community Healthcare Organisations (CHOs) on several change initiatives.
  • An evaluation of the Home Support Pilot project. We completed Fieldwork across four CHOs, and issued an interim report at the end of December 2022.
  • Support was provided to the Healthy Communities Programme to develop a process that will facilitate the use of data to inform practice.

We look forward to continued collaboration with the HSE as we strive towards better outcomes for people, families and communities.

Read more about our collaborations in our 2022 Annual Report.

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