CES invites community education providers to participate in exciting new research project

Earlier this year CES was appointed by the Beachaire Fund to undertake a research project documenting the experience of lone parents facing educational, social and economic disadvantage who are participating in different forms of community education in Ireland.

Participatory research

This research is now underway and brings together a range of perspectives, including providers and policy makers, as well as lone parents participating in community education throughout the country. In late April CES hosted an online workshop open to those interested in this research. This workshop marked the beginning of our engagement with providers to identify and prepare a series of in-depth case studies which will capture diversity and best practice from the community education sector. Case studies will be developed as the CES research team carries out on site visits to speak directly to staff, tutors and lone parents participating in community education.

Invitation to participate

If you are a community education provider interested in having your work featured as a case study in this important research, then CES wants to hear from you. Providers interested in having their work profiled as part of this research will be asked to facilitate interviews with lone parents using their services. CES will work with you in advance to plan and prepare the site visit. The field work will begin in July this year, following a pilot site visit in May, and will run for nine months.

Please get in touch with Anne Eustace, Project Lead aeustace@effectiveservices.org by Friday May 6th.

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