International Implementation Organisations

The following is a list of international networks with a focus on implementation.

EIC - European Implementation Collaborative - Click here
The European Implementation Collaborative engages a broad range of individual and organisational stakeholders in the field of implementation. It builds links and exchanges learning about implementation science and practice within Europe.

SIRC - The Society for Implementation Research Collaboration - Click here.

SIRC is a society dedicated to facilitating communication and collaboration between implementation research teams, researchers, and community providers.

    GIS - The Global Implementation Society - Click here.
    The purpose of the Global Implementation Society (GIS) is to promote and establish coherent and collaborative approaches to implementation practice, science, and policy.

    NIRN - The National Implementation Research Network - Click here.
    The mission of the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN) is to contribute to the best practices and science of implementation, organization change, and system reinvention to improve outcomes across the spectrum of human services.