Seven lessons for future public service reform programmes

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Six factors which can help or hinder public service reform, and seven lessons for future reform programmes are included in an evaluation of the Goal Programme for Public Service Reform. CES commissioned the Irish Institute of Public Administration (IPA) to conduct the evaluation, and David Sterling, Head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service, launched the report at an event in Belfast on October 16th.

The evaluation identifies progress in achieving six short term outcomes of the Programme, along with learning relevant to current and future reform programmes.


The Goal programme aimed to support systemic change in public services to improve outcomes for people living in Ireland and Northern Ireland. CES delivered the programme over a four-year period in partnership with seven government departments across the island. The Goal Programme involved nine strategic sectoral reform projects. CES supported projects in using evidence, co-designing tools and resources and delivering professional development programmes. Throughout the Programme CES organised events and produced resources to share learning about public service reform.

The longer evaluation report is accompanied by an Executive Summary, and a series of Goal vignettes – six short, thematic reports based on learning emerging from the evaluation.

We are co-hosting a seminar with the IPA at the end of January, where we will share findings from the evaluation with civil and public servants in Ireland.

Evaluation of the Goal Programme for Public Service Reform and Innovation

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