Implementation Resources Online

CES develops tools and resources to support implementation. We also gather resources produced by others in Ireland and internationally, and include links in the resource library on our website.

Some recent resources include:

Health systems evidence and social systems evidence (Canada)

These are two Canadian repositories full of research evidence about health systems and social systems. These will be of interest to policy makers, service commissioners and managers. Both repositories include a range of systematic reviews, research summaries and abstracts. The Health Systems Evidence includes research evidence about governance, finance, and implementation strategies that can support change in health systems.  Social systems Evidence includes research evidence relevant to community and social services, education, culture and gender, and economic development.

For the health systems repository click here

For the social systems repository, click here

The Context and Implementation of Complex Interventions (CICI) Framework

This is a new implementation framework for complex interventions with a strong focus on the implementation setting and context. The CICI framework addresses and graphically presents context, implementation and setting in an integrated way.

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Knowledge and Learning for social organisations aiming to grow or scale up (NPC)

This report addresses three key questions for social projects interested in knowledge and learning. Does the project work and can it make a positive difference to people’s lives? How does it actually work, and how can we make it work at scale? This guide will be particularly relevant for policymakers and service providers who are interested in developing a knowledge and learning culture to assist with scaling projects.

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