A new chapter for the children's research network

The Childrens Research Network will move to the Trinity Research in Childhood Centre (TRiCC) in February 2019.

Sustainability has been an important part of planning the future of the Children’s Research Network.  The hard work on sustainability over the past year and a half has resulted in a positive outcome.  The Network will move to the oversight of Trinity Research in Childhood Centre (TRiCC) early next year.  This is an appropriate and useful transition for the Children’s Research Network in terms of aims, expertise, sustainability, enabling the network to continue to grow and develop its work. 

TRiCC have secured funding for the Network and the employment of a part-time Research Coordinator to support the transition from CES into TRiCC and to work with the Network following the transition.

All the planned work of the Network: the holding of the events; the completion of the publications; the activities and development of the Special Interest Groups and the Mentoring Programme will all continue during the preparation for and implementation of the transition. The transition of the Network to TRiCC is progressing well and will complete by February 2019.

The Network looks forward to the future opportunities that this change will bring and further engagement with members of the Network.

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