Change management bootcamp

Do you have to implement something that’s new and challenging in your organisation? Have you done a project management course but still can’t apply the theory to sticky real-life problems in your projects? Does your team come back all fired up from training but struggle to implement what they have learned?

Our team of programme managers and experts have years of experience in the public, not for profit and private sector, helping organisations to tackle their big challenges, manage and deliver projects and achieve their goals. Our experience is that while change is unique to every organisation, there are best practice strategies, tools and approaches that can help you to manage it well.

What our training covers

Our training package covers project management, collaborative working and change management. Training is delivered over the course of three days.


– Understanding, preparing for and managing change

– Project management, planning and reporting

– Strategies for working collaboratively

– Communications, managing risks and stakeholder engagement

What you gain from our training

Our training will motivate and engage your team in change and help them work together effectively. Our hands on training in change and project management gives you a framework to plan and achieve your goals, clarify roles and responsibilities, and track progress. In addition to these learning outcomes and course materials you will have access to a portfolio of tried and tested project management tools and templates.


"We were delighted to have worked with CES whose expertise in Project Management Processes and Logic Model application has added a wealth of knowledge & skill to the team at Mental Health Ireland. The way the workshops were facilitated and executed made it easy for everyone to understand and learn. We now also have a suite of tools and templates to guide all our thinking on Project initiation, development and execution. Thank you to the CES team for sharing your skills with us in such a professional, interactive and easy to learn way."

Catherine Brogan, Deputy CEO, Mental Health Ireland

This course will be open for registration in 2023.

If you'd like any further information please contact Kenneth Stanley at

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