What's new online

What’s new online

Here are four new resources that we like, relevant to policy and practice.

'Finding evidence' online course (IRISS)

This online course shares the methods that IRISS uses to put together an evidence review, so you can apply them to your own work. It focuses on the skills you need to find and use evidence: how to define a topic, where to find useful sources and how to search, evaluate the evidence and finally, learn how to share the findings. The course takes about 6 hours to complete, which you can work through in your own time.

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Ten steps towards school staff wellbeing (Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Young People)

Teacher’s wellbeing is vital to supporting children and young people. This resource is based on a consultation exploring what school staff across the UK find challenging about their job. The report suggests practical steps schools can take to improve staff wellbeing in the face of these challenges. It includes case studies of schools where staff wellbeing is prioritised, along with useful resources.

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How to Implement Trauma-informed Care to Build Resilience to Childhood Trauma (Child Trends)

There is growing evidence and awareness of the impact of traumatic life events on children’s development. There is also increased understanding that services that children interact with can have a role in supporting children’s wellbeing in response to trauma. This evidence review provides an introduction to trauma–informed care, an approach that promotes a strengths-based response to childhood trauma in many different settings. It also includes a framework for implementing trauma-informed care in services for children and their families.

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The government innovation atlas: the world’s best tools and resources (Apolitical)

Apolitical’s Innovation Atlas gives you access to innovative practices, tools and resources from around the world, from different organisations and sectors. You can quickly navigate to the resources you need, or find inspiration by browsing through the collection of tools, frameworks, reports and strategies.

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