The ABC Programme – briefing papers for policy


CES completed the National Evaluation of the Area Based Childhood (ABC) Programme in 2018. The evaluation assessed outcomes, implementation and costs associated with interventions funded by the ABC Programme, which was delivered in twelve areas around the country. The evaluation gathered data and learning over a two year period, and has the potential to be particularly useful for policy makers, service providers and practitioners.

Over the past few months, CES has continued to share learning from the evaluation of the ABC Programme, by producing shorter, thematic reports for policy makers and practitioners.

Briefing papers for policy makers

A series of three briefing papers based on the National Evaluation of the ABC Programme summarises key findings and learning for policymakers, service commissioners and providers in three thematic areas.

These papers add to a growing collection of resources based on findings and learning from the evaluation of the ABC Programme.

The National Evaluation found positive changes in outcomes for parents and children availing of services provided by the Programme, positive changes in how services were delivered locally, and new and stronger relationships between practitioners and agencies involved.

The ABC Programme is funded by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs as part of Tusla’s Prevention, Partnership and Family Support (PPFS) Programme.

All of the resources based on the evaluation are available here.