New ways of working in public services

CES has published two new vignettes based on key themes emerging from the evaluation of the Goal Programme for Public Service Reform and Innovation. The vignettes were produced by an evaluation team from the IPA. They accompany a more extensive evaluation report which CES will publish in October.

The use of evidence was a recurring theme across all nine projects in the Goal Programme. Three of these projects – the Reform of Youth Funding Schemes, Leadership Development and Evaluation Training for Public and Civil Servants are featured in ‘Using Evidence and Data’. The vignette explores some of the way in which data and evidence was used to inform decision making, services and projects.

One of the core objectives of Goal was to embed new ways of working within the civil and public service, and to share that experience more widely with other government departments in Ireland and Northern Ireland. This theme is explored in greater detail in ‘Sustaining new ways of working’. The vignette considers knowledge and learning exchange activities, along with the development of tools and resources, as actions which can help to sustain new practices.

All six vignettes are now available. Click here.