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Noelle Spring (KHF), Dr. Phil Jennings (HSE), Francis Chance (KHF), Anne Pardy (HSE), Carmel Brennan (HSE), Aisling Sheehan (CES)

A big milestone for the Nurture Programme was the launch of earlier this month. This HSE website provides expert, up-to-date advice from nurses, doctors, psychologists, parent experts, dieticians, and many more, on caring for your pregnancy, your baby and child. Three books ‘My Pregnancy’, ‘My Child: 0 to 2 years’ and 'My Child: 2-5 years' were also launched.

The HSE Nurture Programme is an initiative to support change in how infant health and wellbeing services are being delivered. CES has been working with the HSE and the Katharine Howard Foundation to support the implementation of the Programme.

CES supported the development of the resources through extensive consultation with parents to ensure that they would best meet parents’ needs. We conducted and analysed a survey with over 4,000 parents and facilitated some focus groups with parents. We gathered information from parents and expectant parents on what they wanted to know during pregnancy and early childhood, and their views on the supports and resources which the HSE currently provides for parents.

Parents told us they wanted information on a variety of topics such as infant nutrition, sleep and child development; they also wanted advice on what to do, how to troubleshoot common problems, and where to go for support. This information was then translated into expert health advice and information by the HSE. 

Thank you to all the parents who participated in the consultation and congratulations to all our colleagues involved in this significant piece of work.

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