Keeping implementation on the right track

CES has published the sixth report in the On the Right Track series – on the theme of implementation. The report includes key messages for commissioning and implementing services, features of good implementation, and a tool to help commissioners and providers to keep their implementation on track.

The report draws on learning from the Prevention and Early Intervention Initiative – where government, together with The Atlantic Philanthropies invested in 52 programmes and services for children and young people in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Learning emerged through 22 process evaluations of prevention and early intervention programmes, together with our experience of supporting implementation of programmes and policies, such as the Area Based Childhood (ABC) Programme, the HSE Nurture Programme, and the Early Intervention Transformation Programme (EITP) in Northern Ireland.

CES has summarised and synthesised learning from the PEII since 2008, and this sixth summary completes the series. Other reports in the On the Right Track series capture outcomes from the investment, in areas such as children’s learning, parenting, child health, child behavior, inclusion and diversity. This sixth report highlights that how a service or programme is implemented is as important as what is being implemented. Learning about the stages of implementation, the time, resources and organisational infrastructure that is required will be of interest to service commissioners, agencies and service providers planning to implement programmes, projects or services.

To read the report click here.