HSE Community Operations Improvement Programme

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CES is working with the HSE on a new programme to improve health services. The Community Operations Improvement Programme will run over a three year period and involves us working with HSE Community Operations and Community Health Organisations (CHOs). HSE Community Operations oversee the delivery of health services outside of acute hospital services, such as primary care, social care, mental health and health and wellbeing. Our role involves supporting service improvement, capacity building and implementation.

This programme of work will build on a three year partnership between CES and the HSE involving change in mental health services, which concluded in 2018. A small CES Programme Management Office team worked with the HSE to improve governance structures, focus on service users and their families, and improve mental health services. We developed tools and resources and used different methodologies to support the work – such as mentoring and guidance for staff. We will use, develop and expand on these approaches to support HSE Community Operations to improve services over the next three years.

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