Adapting to change in challenging times

A significant part of our work at CES involves building capacity for change. But what happens when there is no time to prepare and plan for change?

‘Peoples context shapes our work’ is one of our core values. That is why we are adapting the pace, approaches and tools we use so that we can continue to collaborate with, and support our partners in government departments, agencies and community and voluntary services in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

This involves:

  • Moving our support, learning and networking activities online – so that we can continue to facilitate opportunities for connection, consultation and learning
  • Understanding the challenges faced by the services we work with and responding with flexibility. This may involve supporting them with more immediate needs, rethinking timeframes or adjusting workstreams
  • Sharing learning and evidence informed tools– through our weekly Knowledge Exchange, blogs and social media activity
  • Our Community Operations Improvement Programme (COIP) Team is working closely with the HSE, providing additional skills and expertise in project management and logistics in a range of activities related to Covid 19.

We know now more than ever about the need for good evidence and data and getting it into practice, the value of experience from other countries, and the benefits of government departments, agencies and organisations collaborating and working towards a single, shared aim.

We pay tribute to the work of our colleagues and partners across the island, and thank them for their service.