2019 - A new start for the Children's Research Network

Crn Conference Ezineps

Derina Johnson, David Kenefick, Ruth Geraghty, Alison Montgomery and James O'Connor of the Children's Research Network

Throughout 2018 the Children’s Research Network has been collaborating with CES and the Trinity Research in Childhood Centre (TRiCC) to plan the transition of the Network. In January 2019 the Network will formally move to TRiCC. Dr Derina Johnson was appointed as the Coordinator of the Network in 2018 and has been working with the Network and TRiCC to ensure a smooth transition.

In the meantime, the Network has been busy with a range of activities. In November the network hosted a public history event in collaboration with the Digital Repository of Ireland, which focused on the legacy of investment from The Atlantic Philanthropies in services for children and young people in Ireland. In early December 2018 the Network hosted its annual conference on the theme of ‘Growing up in the Digital Environment’. The conference brought together different perspectives from research and practice. The Network launched ‘Extending the Learning from the Prevention and Early Intervention Initiative’ - the latest edition of the Children’s Research Digest. The publication marks the drawing to a close of the Prevention and Early Intervention Research Initiative, which provided resources and opportunities to explore data and research which was generated by prevention and early intervention in Ireland.

All of these developments indicate an active, relevant and vibrant network, ready for new opportunities that the transition will bring. CES will continue to engage with, and actively participate in the Network in its new home.