Local Community Safety Partnership Evaluation


Local Community Safety Partnerships (LCSPs) are a new government initiative of the Department of Justice in the Republic of Ireland. The aim of LCSPs is to establish a local partnership structure between An Garda Siochána and other statutory services, the voluntary and community sector, local businesses, local councillors, and community members, that will work collaboratively to identify and tackle community safety issues.

Before the Local Community Safety Partnerships are rolled out across Ireland, three pilot sites have been established to find out how they will work in practice and their impact on community safety. The pilot sites are in Dublin North Inner City, Co. Waterford and Co. Longford. They will run from 2021- 2023.

Our role

The Department of Justice has commissioned CES, in partnership with the University of Limerick, to conduct an evaluation of LCSPs in the pilot sites, to inform future rollout of the LCSP model and future national community safety policy.

CES, in partnership with colleagues in the University of Limerick, designed the evaluation and the evaluation team are responsible for the collection and analysis of all evaluation data and the preparation of evaluation reports.

About the evaluation

The evaluation will explore implementation approaches and processes that appear to be effective across and within the pilot communities. It will assess how well the LCSPs identified the priorities and concerns of their communities; how the LCSPs conducted their work; the engagement and relationships the LCSPs had with the local communities; and the impact of the LCSP work on community safety.

The evaluation of the LCSP pilots uses a mixed-methods approach, combining individual, semi-structured interviews; focus groups; observation methods; and surveys. Data is being collected across three timepoints – at the beginning of the pilots, after 12 months implementation and at the end of the pilot phase.