About CES

The Centre for Effective Services (CES) is a not for profit, intermediary organisation with offices in Dublin and Belfast.  We connect policy, practice and research, helping to ensure the implementation of effective services, to improve the lives of people living across the island of Ireland. 

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Our People

Our multidisciplinary team is based in offices in Belfast and Dublin. We work in practice design and implementation, research and evidence, knowledge dissemination communications and organisational development.

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Our Partners

The Children's Research Network for Ireland and Northern Ireland

The Children’s Research Network was established in December 2010. The aim of the network is to support the research community in Ireland and Northern Ireland to better understand and improve the lives of children and young people, by creating and maintaining a network through which information, knowledge, experience, learning and skills can be shared. In May 2015 the Research Network took the decision to integrate into CES. Existing staff joined the staff team in CES, while the Network will continue to maintain its own identity and communications platforms.

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Children and Young Peoples Services Committees

Children and Young People’s Services Committees  are a key structure identified by Government to plan and co-ordinate services for children and young people in every county in Ireland. The overall purpose is to improve outcomes for children and young people through local and national interagency working. CES is working together with the Department of Children and Youth Affairs to support this approach through a National Co-ordinator, project support and other CES staff inputs. 

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Our Funders


The Department of Children and Youth Affairs

The Department of Children and Youth Affairs focuses on harmonising policy issues that affect children in areas such as early childhood care and education, youth justice, child welfare and protection, children and young people's participation, research on children and young people, youth work and cross-cutting initiatives for children.



The Atlantic Philanthropies

The Atlantic Philanthropies are dedicated to advancing opportunity and promoting equity and human dignity. The Atlantic Philanthropies’ Children & Youth Programme in Ireland and Northern Ireland was a catalyst for change in encouraging government investment in evidence-based prevention and early intervention programmes.