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Building capacity for improvement in health services


The HSE Community Operations Improvement programme is an ambitious three-year programme involving new ways of working to improve health services. HSE Community Operations oversees the delivery of health services outside of acute hospital services, such as primary care, social care, mental health and health and wellbeing. Community Health Organisations (CHOs) are the structures which deliver services in local communities around the country. CES has been contracted by the HSE to support both Community Operations and the CHOs in areas of service improvement, capacity building and implementation. The programme builds and expands on CES’s work with in HSE mental health services which concluded in 2018.

Our role

CES is working with the HSE to support the strategic objectives of Community Operations, while building capacity of Community Health Organisations to implement change in local health services. We are providing practical support in programme and project management, along with support for implementation of service improvement at local and national level. We develop methodologies training and tools, and provide mentoring and guidance to support staff.

Our approach builds on our learning from working in partnership with the HSE over the past three years. Context is key – we understand the environment and work with it. Change teams involve a mix of technical, operational, clinical and management resources. Engaging with service users is at the heart of our approach, and we know that involving staff from the beginning of the Programme is critical. Supporting teams, locally and nationally. We will provide mentoring and guidance to support HSE Community Operations nationally and locally to improve services over the next three years.