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Using data to inform decision making in education


Government departments need a broad scope of data when designing policy and services - such as population trends, community needs analysis, data from services and feedback from service users.

Good quality data can help to target particular demographics, tell us what's working and help departments when engaging with elected officials and the media. But how do you ensure that you use data that is comprehensive, reliable and relevant for policy? These are some of the questions which inform our work with the Department of Education and Skills on a project which aims to improve the use of data in education policy.

Our Role

We worked with the Department to create an online data map which brings together data sets from across the Department of Education and Skills and its agencies. We also produced case studies which promote the benefits of using data, which are being shared as examples of good practice. Finally, we will provide training and support to build confidence among staff to help them use data more widely in developing and implementing policy.

This is one of nine projects featured in the Goal Programme for Public Service Reform and Innovation..