Supporting Implementation to improve outcomes for people

How well a service or project is implemented will influence what it achieves. We work with government departments, foundations and agencies to support implementation of programmes, projects and services.

Our work supporting implementation involves

  • We help organisations think about implementation from an early stage, through stakeholder mapping, needs analysis, and assessing the context for a project or service
  • We work with organisations using tools such as logic modelling and theory of change to help them plan how they will achieve their outcomes
  • We help organisations to develop the infrastructure for implementation, for example governance structures and implementation teams
  • We provide training and other supports, such as coaching, peer learning and networking opportunities
  • We develop tools and resources to support implementation
  • We contribute to and learn from a body of knowledge internationally about implementation and how it can improve outcomes for people.

Our Work

A collaborative approach to the development and implementation of Children and Young People’s Strategies in Northern Ireland

We’ve been working with the Department of Health and the Department of Education in Northern Ireland to support collaboration across three strategies for children and young people.

The Nurture Programme

Giving babies and infants their best start in life

Supporting the implementation of National Clinical Guidelines

Our work with the Department of Health, supporting the implementation of National Clinical Guidelines