Making evidence useful for the real world

We believe that evidence belongs at the heart of decision making. Evidence takes many forms, including the experiences of citizens using public services, the wisdom of people working on the frontline, good quality data and the learning emerging from research.

We work with organisations to help them identify, understand and apply evidence in the real world. We summarise and synthesise evidence and produce literature reviews. We design consultations, help organisations to understand and use data, and develop practical tools and methods so that evidence informs policy and practice.

Our work with evidence involves

  • Writing up literature reviews and evidence reviews
  • Producing accessible research/evidence summaries
  • Reviewing policy and legislation in Ireland, Northern Ireland and internationally
  • Designing consultation processes to gather views from service users and practitioners (e.g. conducting and interpreting survey data, facilitating consultation events)
  • Writing up case studies and examples of good practice
  • Helping people understand and use data to inform decision making
  • Developing evidence-informed tools and resources.

Our Work

On the right track: learning from prevention and early intervention in Ireland

A series of summaries and reports which include key messages for service commissioners and providers

Tusla Empowering Practitioners and Practice Initiative

Professional development and an online toolkit to improve the use of evidence in social work practice

Using data to inform decision making in education

Our work with the Department of Education and Skills to build capacity in accessing, gathering and using data to develop and implement policy.