Building capacity to introduce change

We work with others to develop the skills, capacity and behaviours needed to sustain change and make an impact. Stronger leadership, better use of evidence and effective collaboration – all help to build capacity for change. We work with organisations to design training, support implementation and produce tools and resources so that change is sustainable.

Our work involves the following

  • We develop training and development needed to build capacity, based on learning from implementation, project management, change management and other disciplines
  • We facilitate meetings and workshops to support strategic planning and organisational development
  • Knowledge Management – we help organisations understand and plan how internal knowledge, and learning can support their goals
  • We help organisations introduce, plan and evaluate new ways of working and solving problems
  • We develop and leave behind tools and resources to support new ways of working.

Our Work

Technical and capacity building support on the reform programme for Youth Funding schemes

We’ve been working with the Department of Children and Youth Affairs and other stakeholders on the design and implementation of a new youth programme.

Supporting change that lasts in mental health services in Ireland

A partnership approach with the HSE to change how mental health services are delivered in Ireland

Youth Mental Health Pathfinder Project

A story about a collaborative, cross government approach to youth mental health

Building capacity for improvement in health services

We’re working with the HSE Community Operations on a new Programme to support service improvement, capacity building and implementation.

Building collaborative practices in the Department of Education and Skills

We worked with the Department of Education and Skills to develop a suite of tools to help them implement collaborative working practices.