Implementation practice during a crisis

Implementation practice during a crisis is the theme of the University of North Carolina Institute on Implementation Science Virtual Summer Session on Thursday June 18th.

This event will be of interest to anyone involved in providing implementation support, either within or external to an agency or service provider. Implementation support is about enabling or supporting large scale implementation of evidence informed programmes, services, practices or policies to improve outcomes. In recent months, practitioners providing implementation support have had to adapt quickly and respond to crisis driven needs in services.

The session will build on, and explore new learning about the skills and competencies needed by practitioners and communities involved in implementation support.

Speakers include Bianca Albers, Chair of the European Implementation Collaborative, Allison Metz and Sarah Verbiest from University of North Carolina, and Katie Burke from CES. Implementation skills and competencies is a growing area of interest for the speakers, and a research article co-authored by Allison, Bianca and Katie on this topic is available here.

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