Our Values

We now work with a growing range of government departments and agencies, supporting them to design, implement and evaluate new and innovative approaches to complex social challenges. Our work is defined by our values:

Everything we do connects to making peoples lives better

We contribute to the field, by organising networks, sharing our work and resources widely for others to use. We share many values with public services, and want our work to advance social change.

Evidence belongs at the heart of decision making

We believe that evidence takes many forms, including the experiences of citizens using services, the wisdom of people working on the frontline, good quality data and the learning emerging from research.

People deserve excellent public services

We are committed to working with organisations, agencies and departments in the sectors of health, education and other services so that they can provide social/human services at the standard the public deserves.

Peoples context shapes our work

Our work is grounded in the voice and experience of citizens. We work with others to develop the skills, capacity and behaviours needed to sustain change and make an impact.

We will learn and experiment together

We are always learning and testing new ways of thinking; with an eye for practical solutions fit for the real world and ways of working that last. We are not afraid to take on highly complex challenges and to try new things, which require innovative thinking.

Diversity of thought and experience fuels new ideas

We seek out best practices at home and internationally. We are an all island organisation and are committed to sharing learning across Ireland and Northern Ireland.