About CES

CES is a not-for-profit, all island organisation established in 2008. At CES we believe that Ireland and Northern Ireland should and can have excellent public services and we want to play our part in making that a reality.

We are committed to our purpose, that is, to improve the lives of people on the island of Ireland by supporting the implementation of excellent public services through evidence-informed policy and practice.

Our vision in CES is to be a trusted partner in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of public policies and services.

Our work is guided by our third strategy ‘Partnerships, Profile, People’ (2022-2026). The strategy sets out the difference we want to make in terms of outcomes for people living and working in our communities, for the organisations we work with, for our team and for CES as an organisation.

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Centre for Effective Services

Centre for Effective Services

Strategy 2022–2026

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Our story

CES was originally set up to enable good quality research and evidence among policy makers and practitioners, while also working to provide that evidence. An early focus on children and young people is still core to our work. We now work with an increasing number of government departments, statutory agencies, community and voluntary providers and international organisations. CES has expanded its reach in health, social care, housing, justice, and education.