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Evaluation training in the Department of Children and Youth Affairs


Using evidence and assessing outcomes are now important aspects of policy making across the civil service. Understanding the role of evaluation in the policy cycle and choosing from different methodologies and frameworks are some of the skills required by civil servants.

The ‘Understanding Evaluation in Human-Related Government Services’ training programme emerged from a previous partnership between DCYA and CES focused on supporting capacity in evaluation. The Goal Programme provided the opportunity to adapt and develop a new programme to better meet the needs of a wider range of departmental staff working in human services, i.e. public services which promote the wellbeing of citizens, such as health, education and services for children and young people. The programme aims to support capacity of staff in the department to commission, oversee and review evaluations.

Our role

The programme was designed by DCYA and CES to run over a two-day period. It involves some theoretical background and draws from real life examples. Forty-four staff from 15 Government departments and agencies have completed the training to date. The Department of Children and Youth Affairs is working with OneLearning, the unit responsible for supporting professional development, in the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform to ensure the sustainability of the training programme.

This is one of nine projects featured in the Goal Programme for Public Service Reform and Innovation.