Read our latest Ezine - June 2018

In this Ezine, download our new brochure, one of three documents this year that we’ll publish to mark ten years of CES.

You’ll also find resources relevant to policy and practice. They include videos about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and what they mean for practitioners. You can listen to a podcast about the Certificate in Implementation Science run at Trinity College Dublin, and hear from a former student.

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Take a look at our new brochure

This year marks ten years of CES. Over the past eighteen months, CES has been engaging with people that we have worked with in departments, agencies and services in Ireland and Northern Ireland. We engaged a research team from Ulster University to review our work over the past ten years and to explore how CES adds value to the work of public services.

Three documents will reflect our development as an organisation to date and our plans for the coming years. They are: the Ten Year Review of CES, CES Strategy 2018-2021, and a short brochure which summarises who we are and what we do.

All three documents will be published in the coming months. The first of these, our new brochure, is now available.

We are recruiting - Executive PA/ Project Support

We are now offering an opportunity for an experienced administrator to join our team as Executive PA / Project Support. The post holder will have experience in a similar role and will be accustomed to working in a very busy professional office environment.

Implementation Resources Online

CES develops tools and resources to support implementation. We also gather resources produced by others in Ireland and internationally, and include links in the resource library on our website.

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Childrens Research Network Summer School

The Childrens Research Network summer school has returned for a second year. This series of workshops is designed for researchers and practitioners, such as early years educators, social workers, youth workers, teachers, research consultants and early career academics. 

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Get a qualification in implementation

Applications are open for the Postgraduate Certificate in Implementation Science in Trinity College Dublin. CES has been involved in designing and delivering the course for the past three years. The course is designed for practitioners in different settings, including health, education and social care, to support them to implement services, policies and programmes.

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National Evaluation of the Area Based Childhood Programme

The Area-Based Childhood programme (ABC programme) is an area-based prevention and early intervention initiative targeting investment in evidence informed interventions to improve outcomes for children and families in Ireland.  The programme is delivered in thirteen different areas of disadvantage around the country and was funded by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) and the Atlantic Philanthropies between 2013 and 2017.

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Impact of Alcohol Conference Report - What next?

In April 2018, CES concluded work on the Impact of Alcohol Programme, a five year programme supported by the Big Lottery Fund in Northern Ireland. Thirty one projects were funded under the Programme and targeted different individuals and groups affected by alcohol related harm. These included children, older people, pregnant women and individuals with mental health issues.  

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Supporting families to deal with Adverse Childhood Experiences

A panel discussion about practitioners work supporting families dealing with Adverse Childhood Experiences

CES is supporting the work of 36 projects funded by The Big Lottery Reaching Out, Supporting Families Programme in Northern Ireland.  The programme funds projects which work with vulnerable families with a range of needs, such as newcomer families and those with intellectual or physical disabilities.  

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CES Weekly Knowledge Exchange - News, tools, resources and policy

In this weeks Knowledge Exchange, The Northern Ireland Executive Office has published an Outcomes Delivery Plan, learning from public service reform  in Canada, and an OECD toolkit for inclusive growth.

The Knowledge Exchange brings together some resources and information from the external environment which are relevant to our work with public services in the following areas: children and families, youth, health and mental health, education, youth justice, service implementation and public service reform.

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CES is getting ready for new data protection regulations

CES is getting ready for new data protection regulations.

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If you would like to know more about our work, watch this short video about what we did in 2017.

Professor Paul Cairney on the conundrum of evidence informed policy

Paul Cairney is Professor of Politics and Public Policy in Strathclyde University. He blogs regularly about the role of evidence in public policy. We spoke to Paul about evidence informed policy, what we mean by it and what are some of the challenges of getting evidence into policy?

Six Ingredients for collaborative, compassionate, inclusive leadership in public services

How do we create collaborative compassionate, inclusive leadership in public services?

This is the focus of the third issue of the CES Leaders Digest – a blog series where we learn together, from research and real-world experience, about effective leadership and its role in public services.

This entry features videos of Michael West, Senior Fellow with the King’s Fund (UK) and Professor of Work and Organisational Psychology at Lancaster University Management School. Last year, Michael spoke to senior leaders in the Northern Ireland Civil Service, as part of the ‘Leading into the Future Programme’, supported by our work on the Goal Programme.

Whats new online

X Factor for Evidence

In early February, the Health Foundation in the UK held an event to illustrate different forms of evidence and how they can inform policy in public health. X Factor for Evidence for the Publics Health was the title of this event, which featured short contributions followed by a lively discussion on the topic. A recording of the event and accompanying materials are now available.

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Two recruitment opportunities in CES

We are looking for a Corporate Services Manager, with expertise in the areas of HR, governance and business development. This role will be based in our Dublin office.

There is also an opportunity for a part time Project Support role, based in our Belfast office.

For further information, visit our Careers page here.